Sunday, June 5, 2011

I need more money for shoes.

Maybe someday I'll post more than three times a year. BUT PROBABLY NOT : ) Here's some quick stuff I think is amazing right now and I want someone with more money than I possess to buy so I can live vicariously through them...

Stella McCartney pumps that would be perfect for wedding season! On SALE at for almost half off!

Another pair of Stella's for half off at Net-A-Porter. I really like the nude shoe trend going on right now.

Here's a way more affordable pair from Lulu's just so you know I very rarely spent hundreds of dollars on shoes. Except Cri-de-Coeur. I am their bitch and I can't say no.

Nude shoes are unintentionally hijacking this post. Another pair from Lulu's.

Color! I LOVE these. Perfect for summer with some cuffed jeans and a tank. Lulu's.
I like the crochet details showing up in footwear, but it just seems  kind of fragile to me. At least this ModCloth pair isn't too expensive.

I love this Obey backpack. It's the perfect size for summer concerts and festivals. Obey actually uses alot of faux leather in their bags, clothing, belts, etc. Just read carefully : )

New backpack from Matt and Nat which I probably need since my cat used a pile of my purses as his own luxury litter box and I had to toss all of them. 

I know it seems like I probably run around ass naked except for a fanny pack and heels (ok I do, but only when I'm home alone), but I assure you I do wear clothes. Vegan clothes are just way less of an exciting find than an amazing bag or pair of shoes.