Saturday, November 13, 2010

Productivity in Disguise.

I love the internet. It is my secret best friend and we have an awesome relationship. It gives and gives and gives, and I take and take and take. I like to research anything and everything and can occupy and distract myself from obligations and responsibilities for infinity this way. One of the main things I'm always googling, other than the sex offender database, is vegan fashion. I've always been into fashion and started reading Vogue when I was 12. But times change and priorities change and I've been vegan for three years now. So although Vogue, W, and Purple are still fun to flip through, they are far from vegan-friendly. I used to get bummed looking through them because it was nearly impossible to find anything vegan that was as interesting or high-fashion as anything on those pages. But no longer is this true! So many companies like Vaute Couture, Cri de Coeur, and Olsen Haus have popped up in the past few years and are finally getting press (and not just from vegan outlets) for how amazing they are and everyone, vegan or not, is seeing how accessible and interesting vegan fashion can be! So since I spend approximately 99% of my day looking at pictures of shoes and bags anyway, I might as well share my findings! And pretend I'm being productive since blogging=productivity. I already follow the amazing blogs The Streets I Know, Veggywood, and Vegan Shoe Addict regularly and these ladies are absolutely amazing, but the more vegan fashion the better!
I'll kick this off with what I hope will be my next big purchase, the Dillon over-the-knee wedge by Cri de Coeur. I fell in love with these the second I saw them. They are totally unique, but also super versatile. I'm already planning outfits around them in my mind. They are pricy at $450, but I recently bought 2 $100 Cri de Coeur gift cards for only $35 dollars each on Roozt! I try to keep my wardrobe a mix of vintage, thrift, and a few amazing high-end vegan items like these boots so it kind of balances out. I am also the best sale and deal finder I know so even if something started out super expensive, I rarely pay full price. And I still have stuff in my closet from jr. high that I feel will become trendy again if I wait long enough. Hey it worked for leggings, flannel shirts, and jellies, right?!

I'm pretty sure I owned theses when I was 7.

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